Friday, April 25, 2014

Weather not fit for man nor beast

Thursday is our regular practice evening.  The forecast was for 20 knot NE winds gusting to 30 knots, temperature at 1 C with rain or freezing rain.  I though, what is the point?  Neville to the rescue; he had his kayak at work and wasn't going to go home without wetting the hull.  So, Dean, Neville and I met and Thursday evening practice turned into foul weather acclimatization.

Last year on our circumnavigation of New World Island we stopped into Mortons Harbour for fresh water.  While we were filling out containers the wind pick up considerably and the sea state got worrisome.  We had a slog into howling cold wind and huge seas to get back to a campsite we knew was good.  When we reached the entrance to Roses Harbour I said "Thank you St. Philips", that is, the practices in inclement conditions.

We paddled out of St. Philips and headed towards Portugal Cove in choppy seas, rain pelting into our faces and climbing over occasionally breaking waves.  Up to Wester Point we were on our own, out of sight of civilization.  When we got to Wester Point I suggested we go into Portugal Cove where we would be seen and we could remove all questions concerning our sanity.

It was raw but it was rewarding and we are ready for when the weather turns against us.

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