Friday, February 12, 2010

The "Yay" factor

"Yay"says it all

This is an ad for points collecting at a local gas station. Only 67,000 points equals a sea kayaking tour it says. Interesting that someone in the advertising department sees one of the benefits of collecting points is a sea kayaking tour. Maybe a kayaker themselves; maybe they know something.

What is it about the "yay" factor in sea kayaking that we all experience? Moreover, what is it that drives some of us to become addicted and others content to paddle a few times in the summer?

I feel it more at this time of year when paddling opportunities are limited by weather and circumstances. Its the freedom to poke along the shoreline, scoot between rocks, poke into caves or at the other extreme, to paddle out in the open ocean in big waves far from shore. Its about being a master of your own ship, learning new skills and a chance to prove your own self-sufficiency. Its about being out in the great wide open and leaving everyday ordinary chores behind on the beach.

Sea kayaking is many more things of course but one thing for sure, it makes me happy. Even if its only looking forward to my next paddle.


  1. Yay, now thats a piece of Newfoundlandia! that 28 dollars....for 35 liters...PUKE!!

    I was forced to drive from Trinity bay to Port aux basque when gas was 1.52L there two years ago. You never get over things like that!

  2. Sorry I got wrapped up in the fuel scam/price!

    I think you hit the nail on the head with the self sufficiency.

  3. Barf me green ... that's 28 bucks for 25 liters. Gas is round 1.10 per liter now. And, yes the ful price is a scam but still way cheaper than in Europe so it could be worse.

    Tony :-)