Sunday, February 28, 2010

Out of juice

Sean checking out icicles; ice fog hangs in the air

Thursday I finally managed to try out my new X-country ski bindings at Butterpot Park. It was the first time on skiis this winter and 10 kms was about all I had gas for in the tank. Friday I was pretty sore but went to the gym anyway for a gut busting workout.

Yesterday Dean, Neville, Robert, Sean and myself got on the water and had a 20 km paddle from St. Philips north past Portugal Cove to the falls at Brocks Head. I took about 6 pictures when the camera sent me a message that it was out of juice. I knew the battery was getting low and the cold killed it. I packed the camera away and even though I too felt out of juice, continued on.

The falls at Brocks Head were amazing in winter. I can't paint a mental image of the falls because, as they say, a pictures is worth a thousand words and without battery power I couldn't get the shot. But, I will go back, recharged, camera and I.

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