Sunday, February 14, 2010

Paddling at last

Dean waits for me to put-in

Its been 4 weeks since I had a day paddle. A couple of weeks suffering with a bad cold and then weather was against me. I was chomping at the bit yesterday to paddle but as I was getting ready to put the boat on the car I found my brake peddle went all the way to the floor. That put the boots to those plans as I took my car to the repair shop.

Today I had the good fortune to have a friend who wanted to paddle and who was kind enough to pick me up. Dean didn't care where we went and I certainly didn't under the circumstances. We decided to put-in at Topsail Beach and paddle down the shoreline in Conception Bay South and play it by air. We ended up paddling 9 kms to Kelligrews where we stopped for a break before heading back.

On our way

Paddling from Topsail Beach down to Kelligrews takes you along the municipality of Conception Bay South. Its the result of a forced amalgamation of a bunch of smaller communities that grew along the shores of Conception Bay. Its not very exciting in terms of scenery but its another face of sea kayaking. Its close by and its a few hours on the water. One thing for sure is that there are lots of people to keep an eye on any paddler that gets into trouble.

Crowded together trying to keep warm

The prevailing winds in the winter are NE which blows right onto these houses. Dean and I commented that we wouldn't want to pay the heat bills here. But, image is everything isn't it?

By the time we reached this point we had worked up enough heat that we were comfortable.

In Foxtrap marina

We stopped in Foxtrap marina to check out the expensive yachts and day cruisers. I couldn't afford even the cheapest on the wharf but I rationalized it away. I figured I'm on the water in my little seaworthy craft whereas the captains of the pleasure boats on he wharf can only dream of summer days when they can enjoy their craft. And, I don't need to buy those fancy white-soled deck shoes!

A threatening sky hovers overhead

It was overcast all day except a few times when the sun tried to force its way out. Off and on we had flurries but its only added to the ambiance of a winter day's paddle.

Bouys at the entrance to Long Pond

As we weren't entering the harbour we paid no mind to the marker bouys at the entrance of the harbour at Long Pond except to take a picture. I stopped to take out the camera when I was to the right of the red bouy but the current carried me well past it in the matter of seconds. Its one of those challenges of taking pictures from the seat of a kayak in motion. It still captured the perspective I was looking for.

Almost back at Topsail Beach

Topsail Head looms as we neared Topsail Beach where we had put-in almost 4 hours ago. A fantastic day to be on the water, thanks a lot Dean.


  1. Sure is nice to take advantage of this mild winter we've been having. Looks like you guys had a great paddle.

  2. You'll have to try Bell Island - fantastic rock formations, sea tunnels, and (during summer at least), towering waterfalls that turn to mist. Just across from CBS, but a world away for scenery!

  3. Ya Brian, it was good to get out. Not very sscenic but on the water nonetheless.

    You're right Andrew, there's a world of difference between Bell Island (and sister islands) and the shore of CBS. I've previously posted pictures of crossings to Bell Island and in August last summer of a circumnavigation.

    Tony :-)