Sunday, April 3, 2016

The first day with bare hands

A late start on Saturday due to high winds in the morning.  The forecast for the afternoon was still winds in the 20 - 30 knot range with gusts beyond that so it was off again to St. Philips for a bounce and surf rides.

But the winds didn't materialize so we went for a paddle instead.  We'll take it.

The temperature was in the double digits, somewhere around 12 C.  It was the first day this year it was comfortable to paddle without neoprene mitts.

There were 11 of us but only eight went on the paddle.  Cathy, Dean and Neville stayed behind to play in the bit of swell and surge around the rocks.

We had a bit of surge too to negotiate where we went inside the rocks but ...

... nothing too serious, just enough to know we were on the sea.

Spring was in the air today and while we enjoyed paddling in the inclement weather of winter, I think we'll be enjoying the warmer temperatures.  Now, if only the winds would sit.

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