Monday, April 11, 2016

A lesson in hydrology - The Video

As per my last post, on Saturday we were in Placentia to play in the ebb current under the bridge there.  I recorded some video of the action and have it posted on YouTube.  The quality is so degraded posting video here that its not worth watching.  It not original quality on YouTube either but better.  Here's the link.

It was the second time I spent in current but the first time wasn't anything as fast as this time.  I'll be conservative and guess the current was between 8 - 10 knots.  So, I was being cautious and exited the eddy by the red arrow (click to enlarge).  Brian and Gary who have much more experience, pushed right up to the top of the eddy (yellow arrow) before entering the current where it grabbed the kayak much more forcefully.

I had fun but have much to learn.  Having said that, I have to start somewhere and this was a good start.  The benefit of the video is being able to view how the masters do it.  Watch and learn.


  1. So much fun playing in the currents! So good to learn from Gary and Brian and everyone sharing their knowledge and experiences. STELLAR DAY FOR SHANE!!! Thanks Terry for initiating this day! Thanks all for a great day! :)

  2. A good learning experience for sure and I'm sure we'll go back later this summer.

    Tony :-)