Monday, April 18, 2016

Cupid draws her bow ... (Part1)

Sunday, April 17th, seven of us drove to Colliers, dropped the kayaks on the beach at 10:00 and shuttled the cars to the community of Cupids.  The day started off under grey skies and cool temperatures and a long carry to the salt water.

I'm not a fan of car shuttles but this one was worth the effort.  We arrived back at Colliers where Dean guarded our kayaks engaged in conversation with one of the locals.  Around 11:00 we were on the water to begin the paddle north to Cupids.

The first 6 kms out of Colliers were alongside massive cliffs of the Harbour Main Group volcanic rocks.  I kept the camera in pocket as the the cliffs are not very scenic but the scenery improved, as well as the clearing sky, when we reached Turks Gut in Marysvale.  It was near enough to ...

... lunch time so we pulled out to take in fuel.  While it was sunny and bright there was still a chill in the light breeze.  Seated on the sunny bank it was warm and very comfortable.

It took a scant 30 minutes to eat lunch before we were off again heading out of Turks Gut pointing our bows northward.

Outside the entrance to Turks Gut the waters had a tropical look.  The sun shining from behind accented the contrast in the andesites, basalts and rhyolites.

The shoreline began to show more character and interest with channels to paddle through.

A stream trickled over the rocks in a small cove a kilometer further on.  Dean was behind me and jokingly shouted to Hazen he was on his way to take his picture.

We arrived at the first highlight of the day, a sea arch.  It wouldn't be the last treat on this shore between Marysvale and Cupids.


  1. Beautiful Day! Beautiful pix!
    Thanks Tony!
    Thanks guys! :)

  2. Yes Cathy, it was an awesome day with a fine group of paddlers. A day to nourish us between paddle days.

    Tony :-)