Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cupid draws her bow ... (Part3)

We reached the entrance to Brigus on our paddle from Colliers to the community of Cupids.  Inside South Point we were surprised by a bit of swell that surged over the rocks which offered an opportunity to test fate.

It was decided to have a short stop and stretch our legs before paddling into Brigus itself.

Hazen in the inner harbour.

Older sheds lined the inner harbour while ...

... some newer "sheds" crowded the shore with a view out Brigus Bay.

The wind started to pick up as we left Brigus behind and were soon out to North Point and the lighthouse benefiting from mini-surf rides.

The shoreline continued to impress as we paddled inside "The Wigwam" seastack.

Just around Burnt Point we padded into what looked like a dead end canyon which in fact was ...

... another stone arch open to the sky and sunshine above.

From the arch we had a short 3.5 km paddle into Cupids.  Cupids, originally called Cuper's Cove, was settled by Englishman John Guy in 1610 making it the oldest settlement in Canada and the second oldest in North America after Jamestown in 1607.  Here's a link to the Cupids Legacy Center where there is more info to check out.

But we weren't there yet and we had a bit of work to do paddling southwest into a 15 knot wind.  Dean and I arrived at the take-out first and I began to feel guilty.  Dean had thrown down the gauntlet and I took up the challenge keeping up with him but as I looked northeast from the beach I saw our paddle partners some distance away, I thought to myself I should have stayed with the pack.

Nevertheless, it was a fantastic paddle of 25 kms with some interesting features and shoreline.  As sure as Cupid let her arrow fly, it found its target in seven paddlers Sunday on way to the community of Cupids.


  1. You captured the day well Tony... great blogs! :) Cupid's arrow is well lodged! :)

  2. Thanks Cathy, there were too many good shots to do it in one post.

    Tony :-)