Monday, April 4, 2016

The Angry Sea

Today it is blowing a gale.  Winds are blowing at 73 kms out of the west and gusting to 97 kms.  I had to go look see.  At St. Philips the sea was frothy looking out towards Bel Island.

Inside the cove and inside the point of land it was relatively benign except at the far end of the cove where it is exposed it was pretty wild.  I didn't see a need to get out of the car so shot these two pix from the comfort and warmth.

I drove to Lauries Beach and got out of the car.  The salt spray hit me instantly.  I was right at the sea's edge and could feel the full fury of the wind.

Huge green waves went skywards when they hit the rocks and ...

... the wind drove the spray horizontal.

Lauries Beach is in a small open cove, a place not to be on this day.

It was bitterly cold in the driving wind so I shot one last picture of the waves washing up on the beach and got back in the car.  The passenger side was coated in salty spray.  A nice touch for the kayakmobile.

The sea was angry today and I wasn't going to argue.  Awesome to see and feel the power of nature.

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