Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Kellys Island - finishing up

Having circumnavigated Kellys Island we set off for Little Bell Island three kms away where we decided we would stop for lunch.

Thirty minutes later we were alongside the yellow lichen covered rocks of Little Bell Island and ...

... taking out for a well deserved lunch.

I picked up Fred Flintstone's smartphone but found it didn't take very good pictures of the mainland in the distance.

Another crossing of 3.5 kms into a strengthening wind we arrived at the mouth of Manuals River and a further 3 kms along the shore of glacial till we were back at Long Pond to take out.

Thanks to Cathy, Clyde, Dean, Gary and Hazen for sharing the day and the coffee and chat after.

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  1. Thanks Tony! For the day and the pix and the company in the wind! :)