Friday, April 22, 2016

A wintery blast

If this looks like I'm posting pictures I took months go you'd be what I'd call, wrong.

Wednesday, April 20, winter returned with a vengeance.  Wind gusts approaching 90 kms drove 50 cms of snow horizontal to the ground.  Thursday it was time to clean up.  Two hours of shoveling cleared the driveway.  The kayak mobile was set free so I decided I'd go for a final "winter" paddle.

The buoys in the harbour wore their snowy caps.

Bell Island sparked like a diamond with its coat of snow across the 5 kms of open water.

The snow on the shore reflected on the calm water as I made my way out of the cove.

My most favourite passage to paddle through.

Further along the swell seemed to pick up.  It didn't deter me from taking the inside route and ...

 ... nibbling at the edges of the soup as I entered ...

... Portugal Cove.  Not the type of scene that appeals in the middle of April but it is what it is.

I stopped on a beach in the cove before I returned to finish the day ...

... washing the salt out of my gear in the fresh water running into St. Philips boat basin.

Some of us paddled all winter.  We accepted it was winter and dealt with it.  Now its supposed to be getting warmer and we are in anticipation.  Wednesday's blizzard was a surprise and shock but its not going to get the best of me.

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