Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day one ends at Cobbs Arm

After a lunch and a bit of just lazing about in the warm sun we set off again along the coast of New Word Island between Ninepin Arm and Milliners Arm.  Still the coast did not excite but the paddling was glorious.

We passed by Milliners Arm only looking in as we went by.  We were making good time and it wasn't long before we were in sight of Jack's Island to the north.  We chose to duck inside of an unnamed island to the southwest, through this channel that led into Cobbs Arm.

Looking back through the channel.

Ten minutes later we landed on a beach at the end of a small cove off of Cobbs Arm.  Kate Hartland and company stayed at this location in their 2012 trip of which her report served as a useful reference guide.

After landing on the beach I walked up a short grassy bank to survey the area for camping.  It was perfect with lots of room for any number of tents.  As I turned to tell the gang the good news I had a wonderful view out over the Arm.

We set up the tents.

At the beach Brian had set up a bar and served refreshing gin and tonics with slices of lime.  It was a delicious and unexpected treat we savoured in the shade on the far side of the cove.  Those unexpected treats are the best.

After eating supper we had our traditional camp fire.  Wood was collected and a fire started.  As the tide began to rise the fire migrated up the beach keeping out of the reach of the sea.  The smoke was a welcome relief as it kept the mosquitoes away.

We shared laughs into the night, and drinks.  The fire grew.  It was a placid scene looking out over the yellow flames and the still waters of the cove beyond.  Before long all that was left of the fire were ...

... ashes.

It was a satisfying first day on our circumnavigtion.  We had come 25 kms effortlessly from our put-in.  Here are the ...

... breadcrumbs.  Click here to open a new page of a Google image of where we were relative to the everything else.

Also, check out fellow adventurer and blogger Dean on his blog.


  1. So glad that our HOURS of hunting for a campsite has served as a guide for you. I'm enjoying your tale!

  2. Kate, I looked over your report numerous times. I found it a useful resource and therefore I'm blogging on our trip so that it may be useful to others who decide to take the trip.

    I also, spent hours looking over topos and Google Earth trying to identify possible campsites at reasonable distances apart.

    All the research paid off as we didn't have to look as long as your party did for campsites.

    Hope my continuing posts bring back happy memories for you.

    Tony :-)