Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dean joins the Nordkapp family

On Tuesday Dean's new Nordkapp arrived.  His arrival at the decision to buy one is explained on his blog.

I know he's been admiring it at home but I don't know if hes been sleeping with it.  And, I don't know how he resisted the urge to get it wet right away.  Nevertheless, Thursday evening practice came soon enough with his chance to test drive it.  Here she lies waiting to be ...

... introduced to her natural environment.  Dean lovingly picked her up and gently placed her on the water before getting in.  Seal launches are a thing of the past.  Both of us paddled out of the harbour and into the cove where ...

... the wind and waves waited.  This is where the Nordkapp excels.

Some things are meant to be like Dean paddling his boat for the first time on a day when we had a good blow of wind and 1 to 1.5 meter wind waves, occasionally breaking.

His joy was clear to see.  He said he couldn't believe the difference between the Nordkapp and his first kayak, the Sirrocco.

She rolls pretty easily too!

So, Dean has a boat for life and one that will give him lots of pleasure and, I'm sure, lots of happy memories to be made.


  1. Tony, I think you've been anxiously waiting for this evening almost as much I have been... I was not disappointed with my decision to get the Nordkapp.

  2. Yes, I felt like I was involved in the acquisition. So pleased that its finally here and that you're happy with the kayak.

    Tony :-)