Monday, June 3, 2013

First club paddle of 2013

Hazen was leading the first club paddle of 2013.  The plan was to paddle from Old Shop to Chapel Arm and return.  It was advertised to be 15 kms.  Dean and I hoped for a bit more mileage but we wanted to help out so we decided to put in at Dildo South and meet the crowd at Old Shop.

The put in at South Dildo would add 7 kms in total to our day.  Half an hour later we were in Old Shop and meeting up with ...

... the rest of the merry gang that turned out for the first KNL paddle of 2013.  Once we were on the water I set out to get a shot of everyone over the course of the day.

Sue and Sue gliding along on the flat calm waters of Dildo Arm.

Doug.  There was no wind and no need for the rudder.

The husband and wife team of Sean and Cheryl in their Craig Greenham built Glacier double.  The couple that kayaks together, stays together!

Ron and Reha.  Reha served hot tea and coffee after the paddle.

Pete enjoying the calm day after our paddle the previous day in gnarly conditions en route to Portugal Cove from St. Philips.  A nice sprinkling of kayaks in the background.

Dean; we seem to be constant paddling companions.

The nice thing about club paddles is the chance to have a chat with people we might not see regularly.  Here, catching up with Jerry.

Julie in her brand new boat that I've dubbed the "Purple Pilgrim".

Toby in his "Torngat" by Eastern Island Kayaks.  Dean and I remarked on its extreme banana shape top deck.

Joy, not moving but sitting still for a change.  She was out front most of the day setting the pace.

Hazen, our fearless leader for the day and Kayak Newfoundland and Labrador President, leading by example.

Herb paddling in close where sea meets land.

On the run in to Chapel Arm it began to peck rain.  Some of us sought out the shelter of trees to have our lunch, others ate out in the open.

We had perfect conditions for a level I paddle.  It turned a bit cool and wet but it didn't detract from the day.  Fifteen kayaks, it was a good crowd.  The "official" club paddle turned out to be 17 kms, Dean and I tacked on an additional 7 for good measure.

Thanks Hazen for leading the paddle and the 16 people who showed up to share the day.

More shots on Dean's blog.

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