Friday, June 14, 2013

Weather for ducks

Yesterday evening Dean and I were the only participants at our Thursday evening get-togethers.  It was cold (5C), wet and windy out of the northeast but I knew I could count on Dean.  We were undeterred and put-in.  We waited until 6:00 to see if anyone else would show up.  No one did so we went for a short paddle up to Portugal Cove.

Only the third time in his new Nordkapp and Dean was paddling around the rocks.

And again, Dean paddles through Clyde's Rock.

It was crappy weather for sure but there's nothing to do about the weather.  I had warm clothing on under my drysuit and I was dry.  I had no complaints.  We were about 60 minutes paddling up to the Cove but, incredulously, only 20 minutes going back to St. Philips with the wind and swell behind us.

It was weather for ducks.  Two of them.  Dean and myself.


  1. weather for ducks and quacks wearing drysuits...

  2. Ya, it helps to be a little unbalanced but think about it, we had a great little paddle.

    Tony :-)