Saturday, June 29, 2013

New World Island, the journey begins

Almost the minute our circumnavigation of Merasheen Island was completed in 2012 I've been looking forward to this years great adventure.  Over the winter we settled on a circumnavigation of the group of New World Island, North and South Twillingate Islands in Notre Dame Bay.

At 8:00 on Saturday, June 22nd, Hazen picked me up and we were on our way to meet Brian, Dean and Neville for the drive out.  The plan was to camp at Dildo Run Provincial Park Saturday night and leave Sunday morning.

After checking in we drove round a bit to scout part of our route, had a not-so-great supper of fish and chips (which really surprised us) before returning to our campsite.  Some of us tried to get a jump on loading the kayaks.  Eventually we got a bag of firewood for an evening campfire and once that was burned up we retired for the night in anticipation of the morning's start to our 2013 adventure.

Our campsite was just off of the water where we finished loading our kayaks and just after 8:30 we were ...

... on our way under a bronze sun reflecting off of little rippled water of Dildo Run.

The Run is pock-marked by small islands to our right.  The land to our left was nondescript and lay low.  I didn't care, I knew more spectacular scenery awaited.

Close to 12:00 we began to look for a place where we could take out for lunch.

Each of us set up on the thinly bedded rocks that had been tipped up on edge by the tectonic forces of continental collision.  But more on that later.  New World Island was center stage at the closing of the Iapetus Ocean during the latter part of the Ordovician.

The tide was ebbing as we had our lunch.  Every now and then lunch was interrupted to move the fully loaded kayaks out to follow the dropping water.

Brian found a comfortable place under the sun and chose to catch a few rays.  The trip was starting out in great fashion.  I felt elated to be away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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