Thursday, June 13, 2013

There goes my baby

I bought my first kayak, a plastic Necky Looksha IV, in the spring of 2004.  I basically dabbled at sea kayaking the first few years paddling like 30 times a year.  Then, in August 2008 I got serious and started paddling in more challenging conditions and paddled it more often, 75 times.

I had some very enjoyable paddles and a few kayak camp trips.  The kayak took me from my first sit-in to my first roll and the next level with the purchase of a Valley Nordkapp.

The Necky was relegated to storage but not without happy memories.  For four years it sat there.  I had to accept that I wasn't using it and it was time to move on and sell the boat.  I posted the sale on our NewsGroup prompting a call from California.  Mark was coming to paddle around Newfoundland for a month and wanted to buy the kayak.

He arrived yesterday.  This morning money changed hands and possession of the Looksha went from Tony to Mark.  We loaded the kayak on his rental in cold damp weather.  He was on his way to his adventure.  I was left with mixed feelings but happy that someone else would be enjoying the kayak.

I took pictures for posterity.

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