Monday, July 1, 2013

From Cobbs Arm to Codjack Cove

Monday, day two, of our circumnavigation of New World Island dawned bright and sunny.  We were underway at 7:30 and preparing to head north.

As we crossed Cobbs Arm we had a southwest wind blowing out of the Arm on the port beam.  Somewhere while crossing Cobb Arm my watch became detached from my PFD and is now on the bottom.  I felt somewhat lost without it for I was navigating with it in conjunction with the topos and compass.

The Arm is only one km wide and we were in relative calm again.  Small islands danced on the horizon in the bright sunlight.

An hour after breaking camp in Cobbs Arm we turned into Pikes Arm and again the southwest wind.  The short fetch meant we only had the wind without the wind waves.

At the end of Pikes Arm, at Herring Neck, we came to the bridge that let us out of the Arm and into Toogood Arm.

The bridge at Herring Neck rests on early Silurian age (~ 440 million years ago) conglomerates.  These sediments were deposited into a basin during the closing stages of continental collision when the continents of Laurentia and Gondwana came together to close the ancient Iapetus Ocean (Proto-Atlantic).

The conglomerate is poorly sorted with some huge boulders included, suggesting a slump of material into deeper waters after accumulation near shore.

I paused to take pictures and reflect on the enormous different in time between me and the conglomerate formation.

At Sunnyside, coming up on the left, and Ship Island, on the right, we would make a sharp left hand turn to get into Gut Arm.  I found this area picturesque with traditional fishing stages propped up on stilts at the water's edge.  Its as Newfoundland as Newfoundland gets.

After picking our way through the maze of Arms and islands we paddled through Gut Tickle and ...

... into more open waters and rocks formed by the Twillingate granites.  After a brief stop we set out westwards to cross the 3 kms to Little Harbour Bight where we planned to camp for the night.

The wind the next day would be blowing right into the bight so despite paddling 20 kms we had a change of plan.  We paddled across the mouth of the Bight, around Gunning Head and into ...

... Codjack Cove just after noon where we had lunch and filtered some water.  It was going to be a longer day than anticipated but a wise decision nonetheless.

Here are the breadsrumbs for the morning's paddle from Cobbs Arm.


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