Saturday, February 5, 2011

A group of two

Put-in at Conception Harbour

Stan was out of the province, Clyde had errands to do, Dean and Gary were not feeling well, Sean was fibreglassing his new stitch and glue kayak. It was down to two of us for today's paddle - Gerard and myself.

As I waited for Gerard at the rendezvous it was obvious we were out of step with everyone else who was outside today. In the space of 10 minutes at least 50 vehicles hauling skidoos drove out the highway. We did get some curious looks.


The air was still as we left Conception Harbour. All of Gasters Bay was like a mirror reflecting land and sky.

A blanket of snow

A few flurries fell as we paddled along. The snow lay deep where there was open ground and where trees grew, the snow looked sprinkled on the trees as if done on purpose by Mother Nature's artistic brush.


The cliffs were adorned with icicles where water trickled off the land. Salt water at high tide nibbled on the ends to make them all of even length.

A cool lunch stop

We crossed Colliers Bay, making for Marysvale, after we reached Colliers Point at the top of Gasters Bay. The shoreline above the high tide mark was a jumble of ice and there was nowhere to sit for lunch. We stood in the snow. Before long my feet started to get cold so we got back in the boats and paddled back to Conception Harbour for a daily total of 25 kms.

I've paddled lots before in a smaller group but haven't found the company all that great *lol* Thanks Gerard for making it a group of two today.

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