Friday, February 11, 2011

Cheryl Gallant

Who's got your back?

Well, I slept much better last night knowing that members of the Canadian Parliament are so concerned about my safety when I'm on the ocean for a paddle. *dws*

Cheryl Gallant, member for the landlocked riding of Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke in Ontario, visiting Newfoundland as a member of the Government's Defense Committee, indicated people who work in the North Atlantic Ocean should not rely on the Coast Guard for help. She reportedly said "In Ontario we have inland seas, the Great Lakes, and it would never occur to any of us, even up in the Ottawa River, to count on the Coast Guard to come and help us."

No? Really?

The search and rescue services of the Canadian Coast Guard are not discretionary but are mandated under the Oceans Act and the Canada Shipping Act. In addition, Canada has an international obligation to operate an effective search and rescue unit to deal with emergencies that arise in or near our territorial waters.

The North Atlantic is one of the least forgiving places to paddle on the planet as two paddlers from Michigan found out last June outside of Fleur de Lys. One paddler perished and the other was picked off an offshore island the next day by the Coast Guard. I guess he was happy that Cheryl Gallant isn't running the show, only just running off at the mouth.

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  1. she is currently representing my riding as is a dolt.This woman most likely never set foot on any of the great lakes long enough to see the coast guard presence. what a moron.