Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Goggles Tony

Like a fish out of water

Hey, a fish out of water doesn't look so good either *lol*

This is the first year I've been going to the pool. Last week was trip #5. I found no ill effects from the chlorine on my first 4 trips but last week they must have added too much chlorine because my eyes itched like crazy for days after. Off then to the store to get a pair of swimmer's goggles. I was amazed at how much I could see underwater and it was a bit disorienting at first.

This week I tried a bunch of new things. One thing I wanted to address was the possibility of being knocked over while taking pictures. How would I react? Well, the pool is the first place to find out so over I went with camera in hand, shot a picture of myself, stowed the camera back in my PFD pocket and rolled up again.

I'll have to practice this in conditions of course but sometimes even the smallest of victories brings the greatest satisfaction.