Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Valley hatch covers

Clyde, minus his day hatch cover

Sunday after a lunch stop in Witless Bay we decided to paddle out to Green Island to check out the mass of birds spotted circling the island. A paddle through some breaking waves and when we got near the island, confused seas. I wanted to raft up with Clyde to get some shots of the birds and when we did I noticed his day hatch cover had gone missing. Given the sea state, we had no choice but to stick close together and head back to the cover of land.

There was no chance of finding it in the sea but just in case we paddled back to the lunch beach to have a look. No luck. On the beach Clyde took the stuff out of his day hatch, restowed it in his rear hatch, put his paddle float in the now vacant day hatch and blew it up to limit the amount of water getting in.

The three of us had Nordkapps except Clyde's is a plastic boat. Stan's and mine are fibreglass and have all three hatch covers tethered to the boat. The plastic boat doesn't. That's odd because it seems such a small item that adds practically no production cost to a very good product.


  1. That's very bizarre. Even my $700.00 plastic boat has tethers on its neoprene hatch covers!!

    Any idea how it happened?


  2. Details are scanty! I suspect Clyde took some hits in breaking waves that may have ripped the cover off. But, there' no way to be certain.

    Tony :-)

  3. There's no way to know. I will ensure all hatches are tethered on future trips.