Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nickel and dime

Preparing to put-in

There's enough Government to nickel and dime us with taxes, fees, permits and licenses. Now, the Harbour Authority of St. Philips wants to charge us for the use of the slipway. The cost is $10 per use or $60 for the year. That's the same rate they charge to launch the biggest boat that can fit on a trailer and that hardly seems fair. I don't mind paying for the use of the facility but it should be proportional. I think its just a cash grab but I won't play that game.

My new put-in

A small river flows into the harbour not far from the slipway. Its a 3 metre drop from the road to the river but once on the river I have the same exit onto the sea as I would using the slipway. So, pick and shovel in hand, I cut a set of footsteps into the grass covered slope that makes for safe access to the riverside. Its not as convenient but its a workable solution.

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