Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My kid sis

At Topsail Pond with my kid sister

Yesterday I was at Topsail Pond with my sister Kathy to teach her everything I know about paddling. It didn't take long *lol*

She bought a used Necky Elaho 2 years ago and did her Paddle Canada level I last year but hasn't spent much time practicing since completing the course. In a way it was a painful reminder for me from when I first began kayaking. It was frustrating to see how adept other KNL members were and how green I was.

That was then and, while I still have much to learn, I have made considerable progress. As will my sister provided she invests the time to practice what she's learned.

Kayaking is not something that can be learned by watching videos or reading a book. They're good source of information but it takes time in the boat. That's how skills are advanced; that's how everyone has to do it.


  1. Tony:

    Did your sister buy that Palm suit here at the Outfitters? How is she finding it?


  2. that is one more that has been assimilated... Hope she keep at it. Will she be joining us on Thursday's?

  3. I think she's happy with it Sean. She has to find a way to zip it when she goes to the pod by herself though.

    Dean, I have her KNL membership and I'm sure she'll keep at it and reach a level that's comfortable for her. Maybe later this summer she'll join us at St. Philips.

    Tony :-)

  4. Got that figured out. I made a paddle teather and used the velcro end to attach to my back zipper. Took a bit of effort but walla, I had a great paddle this morning.