Thursday, May 6, 2010

An average paddle

Bumping up the mileage

On Sunday we paddled up the north side of Bay Bulls, across to the south side and back. That's was a distance of about 12 kms. We stopped for lunch. Stan and Robert had to leave and the remaining 5 of us wanted a bit more.

While 12 kms is a respectable paddle it seems to me that an average comfortable day paddle is about 20. Its enough to let me know that I've been involved in something. Its a good distance and there's time to meander, poke into caves or secluded beaches. Much longer and time demands greater speed to get it in for the day with less chance to observe. It in a way becomes a work-out.

So, we retraced out steps back along the south side to South Head and caught some great surf rides back for a total of 20 kms paddled.

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