Friday, May 14, 2010

Apparent wind

Stan goes like the wind

Sometimes I'm out for a paddle and the wind seems stronger than forecast. It may actually be so but it may also be that my mind is registering the apparent wind.

The apparent wind is the strength of the wind I feel on my nose. Paddling into a 20 km wind at 5 kms/hr makes it feel like 25 kms. Turn and paddle downwind and it feels like 15 km. The only time its possible to get an "accurate" feel "on the nose" for the wind is sitting still.

As far as the actual wind speed goes, I find the most accurate indicator is the sea state. White caps begin to form at about 20 kms. Knowing the sea state at various wind speeds, taking into account the fetch and the wind forecast will give an accurate enough indication for the strength of the wind being paddled in.

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  1. Hey Tony,

    Must be those Gullfeathers!! Could you send me that shot to my email? Thanks. I'll call you tonight about a paddle.