Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weather for ducks ... and paddlers

Weather made us change our paddling plans for Sunday.  The forecast was for sun in the morning with rain showers in the afternoon and SW winds of 30 kms gusting to 50.  While it was supposed to be sunny, outside the rain was falling.  Rather than couch surf we decided to go for a paddle close by.

It started out just pecking rain.

Not serious rain at first ...

... until it came down in buckets.  The drops bounced on the sea.

It continued to pour and ...

... there seemed to be no let up in sight.

But the rain did let up.  It continued to rain but at least it wasn't a downpour anymore.  Enough rain had fallen over a shot period to create torrents of water that cascaded off the cliffs turning the sea muddy where they landed.

Dean, Gary and I stopped at Topsail Beach for a break under this open gazebo.

It started to brighten up so we decided to carry on as far as where Manual's River drained into the sea.

Manual's River flows into Bubble Pond before it cuts through a cobble bar and into the sea.  It was a short carry over the bar where we could put the kayaks into the fresh water of the pond for a little detour and exploration.

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