Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bronco busting into Kerleys Harbour

We departed the abandoned community of Thoroughfare just after 9:00 am on day three of our club paddle in the Ireland's Eye area of Trinity Bay.  Our first destination was Popes Harbour which is nestled in a cove under the 500 foot high massif of Indian Lookout left of center, four kilometers hence.

On this day the story wouldn't be the scenery but the conditions we, as a group, dealt with on our paddle into Kerleys Harbour.  Apologies for water smudges on some of the shots, I salvaged the least affected.

We arrived in Popes Harbour after the four kilometer crossing.  Popes Harbour, abandoned in 1970, now serves as cabin country.

We paddled around and into an offshoot of the harbour called Little Harbour.  We were in the protected waters of the harbour for 45 minutes before we decided to carry on up the coast.  Surprise, surprise.  The wind had come up and conditions went south.  For half an hour we paddled in worsening conditions before deciding to stop for a break around West Point at the entrance to British Harbour.

There were lots of jelly fish.

Hazen wanted to see British Harbour but conditions dictated we get to Kerleys Harbour pronto in the interests of group safety.  Ireland's Eye Point where we were the day before was off to our right as we crossed the harbour entrance.

I agreed to act as sweep keeping an eye on some of the less experienced in rough waters.

It was only a precautionary move.  Everyone handled themselves well along the two and a half kilometers of exposed coast and we safely made it into ...

... Kerleys Harbour around 1:00.

The kayaks were hauled up high onto the bank above the high tide mark and ...

... the tents set up before the arrival of stronger winds and heavy rain.

Day three was about paddling moreso than sightseeing from the seat of a kayak.  We were granted two days of brilliant weather already so we had no reason to complain.  Crappy weather can be expected on multi-day trips.  Its part of the experience.

We were in camp early but we would keep ourselves entertained.

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