Saturday, August 17, 2013

Headland to headland

It rained hard the last night in Kerleys Harbour.  I saw how much when I got up and noticed there were 50 mm of water in the pot I left out in the rain.  Water was running everywhere.  What was a trickle when we landed the day before was now a torrent of water.  Blue bells hang on for dear life.

We survived the night.  Both the rain and the bears.  I noticed two areas where the tall grass had been beaten down.  Something had bedded down very near our tents and having seen fresh bear scat the day before, the bets were on it was a black bear.

Boats loaded, we paddled out of Kerleys Harbour bound for Trinity and the end of our four day trip.

Exiting Kerleys Harbour we made a bee line for Maiden Point in the distance under low hanging clouds ...

... but behind us the sky was blue with brilliant sunshine.

We reached Maiden Point.  Ahead the path was still overcast.  The sun tried to break through.

Paddling headland to headland Bonaventure Head came into view out of the fog.  There seemed to be some urgency to get around the headland.

On the other side of Bonaventure Head it looked like the sun was winning the battle against fog and ominous clouds.

Once around the big headland I thought we would paddle closer to shore but it was not to be.

We paddled inexorably towards Trinity, somewhere down the vanishing shoreline and the end of our four day trip.

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