Sunday, August 25, 2013

Grey foggy paddle

Today Hazen led another KNL paddle, this time from the community of Chance Cove.  Dean and I arrived first to find the area shrouded in fog.  Before long the rest arrived in dribs and drabs.  I believe the count was 17 kayaks.

It took some time for later arrivals to put in and finally ...

... we were off around the north point of Little Chance Cove.  I wondered what the chances were we'd see the sun.

Some of us negotiated the first slot in the cliffs.

The shore between Chance Cove and Rantem is studded with sea stacks, small islands and rocks that on a sunny day are quite spectacular but ...

... on a foggy day are subdued.  Subdued but just showing a different side of its beauty as if hidden behind a veil.

The other attractions also kept us amused as here, Janet sizes up the line through this slot.

The husband and wife team of Sean and Cheryl in their double.

Rocky teeth arise out of the sea as we approach in the fog ...

... which persisted all the way to Rantem Harbour.  That was fine with me and didn't diminish the enjoyment.

Sue emerges after paddling through the channel.

While we stopped for lunch the sun began to win the battle with the fog as it slowly burned through.  It was foggy up to our lunch stop but the promise of sunshine meant we would be seeing a different coast on the return to Chance Cove.

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