Monday, August 26, 2013

Good day sunshine

We stopped in this little cove near Little Southern Harbour for lunch on our club paddle out of Chance Cove.  Gradually everyone got ready to continue.

Brent paddles by on flat water.  A perfect day for a level I paddle.

We reached a headland along the north shore where the plan was to cross back to the south side.  Normally we paddle back towards Caines Beach but Hazen chose a more direct approach nearer to Chance Cove.  Kayaks were strung out in a line as we made the crossing.

We made landfall at the small island Hazen had pointed out and carried on ...

... along the shore pockmarked by sea stacks.  On the way up in the morning they were shrouded in fog.

The procession back to Chance Cove continued in what looked like a line of kayaks.

We were nearing the end of the paddle.  Dean and I continually exchanged distances our GPS were showing, all the while hoping to get to 20 kms.

The paddle was advertised to be approximately 15 kms long.  Dean and I hugged the shore squeezing every meter out of the day.  A train of kayaks approaches this last sea stack before entering Little Chance Cove where ...

... the paddle ended.

Hazen's GPS showed 16.4 kms for the day.  Dean and I didn't quite reach 20 but clocked in at 19.4 after some slight of hand paddling to sneak in an additional 3 kms.

I met some new people and reconnected with some I hadn't seen in a while.  That's the good thing about club paddles.  It was a most enjoyable day along one of the more scenic coastlines on the Avalon Peninsula.

Check out Dean's shots of the day too at his blog.

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