Monday, August 5, 2013

A fresh viewpoint

Dean, Gary and I had reached the terminus of Manual's River after paddling from St Philips.  It flowed over a cobble bar and boulders into the sea.  Behind the bar was a fresh water lagoon.  I thought it might be interesting to check out so we ...

... carried the kayaks over the bar.

We paddled up into the lagoon, called Bubble Pond, to explore.  I knew what to expect as I've hiked the shore on foot numerous times.  And it was the first place I paddled my first kayak.  It is protected and the water is shallow.

Before long we reached a dead end on the right side ...

... so we checked out the left side.

This side proved to provide access higher up the river.

Eventually our passage was blocked again.

The river is split by an island covered by various water loving grasses and reeds and this unidentified mauve flower.  The fresh water environment is in stark contrast to the wave pounded shores of the seascapes we usually paddle.

Our passage blocked, we turned to paddle back to the sea ...

... which we could just see where the river spilled out.

We reversed the carry back into the salt water.  We all agreed it was a worthwhile diversion and a nice change of pace.  It goes to show there is always something interesting off of the beaten path.

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