Saturday, July 6, 2013

Escape from Mortons Harbour

Northeast winds threatened to pin us in Mortons Harbour but we hatched a plan to beat the wind.  We got out of our sleeping bags at 4:30 am and were on the water leaving Roses Harbour just before 5:30 without eating breakfast.

We crossed the entrance to Mortons Harbour oblivious to the residents who no doubt were still resting comfortably in their beds.

Already the water was active as we approached Western Head some 40 minutes later.  We passed around the headland between Hussey Rock and Big Gull Island.

Around the headland and now safely sheltered from the northeast winds we paddled southerly in calm waters.  I had identified Sams Cove as a possible camp site.  Dean asked if this was it.  Not quite but this was also a good camping location at Western Head Cove.

Further along these old fishing premises caught my eye at Valley Pond.

The seas were calm as we leisurely made our way south handrailing most of the way.  Some of us did and some of us crossed the open coves like at Salt Pond with Green Island in the background.  I especially enjoyed the relaxed pace after the last two days.

Just before8:00 we paddled into Little Bridgeport Harbour to ...

... stop for our delayed and much deserved breakfast.

Little Bridgeport Harbour lay at the mouth of an inlet that extends 3.5 kilometers inland were the community of Bridgeport is located.  The shore was lined with various fishing stages and stores.

Some premises did not look to be maintained very well.  Weathered silver grey they looked like they could use a lick of paint.

The crab fishery was over as crab pots were stacked waiting for next season's fishery.  Fishermen subsist in these small Newfoundland communities fishing one species after the other in turn as the seasons open from crab, lobster, herring, squid etc. etc.

Bridgeport was scenic but we had to move on.  Continuing south we crossed the mouth of Puzzle Bay until we reached Cottlesville.  We floated in our kayaks for a bit before...

... being blown down this channel between Cottlesville proper and Cottles Island.  I didn't paddle.  The wind was strong enough to blow me along at a speed my GPS told me was 2 and 3 kms/hr though the picture fails to capture the breeze..

Leaving Cottlesville behind we were on our way to Intricate Harbour three kilometers away where Dean had identified a suitable camping opportunity.

And, here are the breadcrumbs for the morning and day so far:

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