Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day two ends in Sleepy Cove

We had left Cobbs Arm on New World Island at 7:30, paddled through Pikes Arm, crossed over to South Twillingate Island.  We lunched at Codjack Cove after paddling near 20 kms.  We were now paddling among more dramatic granitic and volcanic rocks.

Clam Rock Head in the distance.

Neville paddles by a grey sea stack that stands out against what looks to be rust stained rocks.  Hard to say exactly from the seat of a kayak, from a distance and without a rock hammer.

Looking down into Spillers Cove.  We didn't paddle into the cove as it would have doubled the distance of just paddling across the mouth.

Almost across Spillers Cove we approach Spillers Point.

At Spillers Point there was a channel we could paddle through that looked as spectacular going in as ...

... coming out.

Heading for French Head and Burnt Island in the distance.

The sawtooth rocks off of Long Point.  We probed and found a way through saving us having to go all the way around.  We approached Long Point paddling WNW.  We knew the winds were blowing out of the SW and as we rounded the Point we felt the force of the wind.  We weren't far from Sleepy Cove and after battling the wind for a kilometer we ...

... arrived at the welcomed sight of the cove at just after 4:00.  We had paddled 31.5 kms on the day after leaving Cobbs Arm at 7:30, a good bit of it into the SW wind.

Here are the breadcrumbs we dropped in the sea after our lunch stop at Codjack Cove.:

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  1. In the 70's a buddy of mine and I paddled from Clarenville to Little Heat's Ease in my 14foot canoe. When we arrived at my Uncle's house he asked how we arrived because he heard no cars. I pointed to my canoe and he said "you two are touched." I have a couple of pictures of that trip and in comparison to today's equipment, my Uncle Roy was right, we were touched.