Friday, July 26, 2013


I haven't posted in a while but I have been paddling.  Problem is my camera seems to be on the blink.  For some reason when I power it on I get a message "No Connection".  I'm dealing with it and I'm sure it will cost money.

Yesterday evening Dean joined Sean in Sean's double.  Dean also has kayak woes.  His car is in for repairs after someone ran a "Stop" sign.

I offered to take some pictures of them with Dean's camera.  He sent me the pics.

They tried different things and rescues.  Here I caught them executing  successful double roll.

Then they thought they'd try a variation.  Dean stored his paddle and bent forward while Sean tried to roll the double by himself.  That didn't work so Dean grabbed his paddle off the deck and they both got in on the act and rolled once again.  Oh, those crazy guys!

Enough fooling around, we decided to go for a short paddle.  With Dean and Sean both strong paddlers none of us could keep up with the double.

As the sun was going down we turned and headed back to St. Philips.

Yesterday the temperature was in the high 20's with a humidex of 35C.  It was too hot really to paddle but nine of us showed up.  The good thing about kayaking in hot weather is there's always a good cool down right underneath the hull.  And, we took advantage of it.

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