Monday, April 25, 2011

What is it about water?

On the water

I spent part of the day lugging water for my greenhouse. Water, to sustain life that has survived the winter there. Its a magic liquid that not only sustains plant life but most forms of life, including us. It got me to wonderin'.

Its a necessity but why are we so drawn to it? What is it that makes it so appealing that we feel an urge to get out on it in our kayaks?

We came from the ocean but we are many, many millions of years removed from Tiktaalik, a fishlike transitional animal leading to four legged animals and ultimately us. Surely that attraction is not coded in some gene that may have been passed down.

Is it because of the watery world we developed in before we were born?

Is it the water itself or is it being on the water, the motion of the boat? Is it the vessel itself that allows us to experience the sea, and the land-sea interface, unlike anything else afloat?

I don't know. Maybe its not for me to know but something to be enjoyed, unquestioned.


  1. the water a common good! amazing, in my country there will be a referendum for avoiding the privatization of the water. we're going crazy O_o !!!

    take care,

  2. Gio, drinking water is a limited resource and a basic human need, I hope they don't vote to privatize it there. Also, access to the sea, lakes and rivers. Some things should not be for sale to make money.

    Tony :-)