Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A roll is a roll

Nice but the water is cold

A roll is a roll is a roll, right? Mechanically it is, but there's no question there's a world of difference between rolling in the pool and rolling in frigid sea water.

At the pool I wear swim goggles to keep the chlorine out of my eyes. The water is warm and still and I can see clearly what I'm doing.

On the sea, the main differences are the cold and less so the moving water.

After a winter in the pool the roll must be taken outside where it may have to be used. So, I'm in transition but its not just a question of carrying on as if in the pool. The mechanics are there, the main transition is acclimatizing to the cold water. Cold water induces the gasp reflex and a lung full of air doesn't seem to last as long. Therefore, my emphasis now is to build up underwater time and mind control versus the physical side of the roll.

And, I love those ice cream headaches!

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