Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hot or cold

Black cold water

Friday past I was at St. Philips for the launch of Sean's new boat. Feeling pretty good about my roll now after this winter's pool sessions I did a couple. It was a rude awakening, the shock of the cold sea water compared to the warm waters of the pool that is. Two was enough and after a scramble on recovery I stayed topsides.

I'm off to the pool again this evening but the cold ocean water will be in the back of my mind. Roll practice is one thing. Practice to desensitize from the cold is another and I won't get that at the pool. I suspect pool sessions will be coming to a close for me soon as I move outside to get used to the cold dark world below the surface.


  1. I think the issue is mostly with the cold shot to the head and back of the neck. I think Tony only wears a helmet liner when he rolls. It does not give good forehead, ear and nape of neck protection like a full head balaclava. I wear a Kokatat balaclava and it really reduces the shock to the head as it totally encases the head and keeps out a lot of the water.