Friday, April 15, 2011

On being grateful

Respite from the wind

I'm grateful or many things but today I'm grateful specifically for my foul weather paddling friends.

Yesterday was Thursday, our regular practice evening at St. Philips. It was windy and rain was also in the forecast for the evening. I wondered if I'd be there by myself. Dean mailed, he'd be there. So did Sean. Hazen showed up. Small group but we had great fun.

The wind at the weather station at St. John's International Airport reported steady wind SW at 48 kms/hr with gusts at 63. Outside of the cove the sea was covered with whitecaps; inside it was unbelievably calm. Such is St. Philips.

It made for ideal surfing conditions. An easy paddle up to the point, short slog up wind and a long run downwind in the breaking waves. Some people stopped to look and probably thought we should be committed. Maybe so, but at least I would have had company. That was comforting!


  1. it was windy, but it was thursday. To not go defeats the purpose of Thursday practice. With the SW wind it is an ideal time for those not comfortable in wind and waves to come out and join in. The shelter is provided at the side of the cove and you can stick your nose out as far as you are comfortable, go a little further, and come back into the shelter...

  2. It was great Dean, even the ice cream headache!

    Tony :-)