Saturday, October 2, 2010

14 vs. 8

Jon is sharper

Surely a 14 megapixel camera must produce better, sharper pictures than an 8 megapixel? The 8 mp 850SW pictures are 1920 X 1080 pixels whereas a 14 mp 6020 is 4288 X 3612.

Some product reviews imply that the picture quality of the 6020 isn't what it should be considering its a 14 megapixel camera or what it should be compared to its competition.

I shot the above picture of Jon Thursday evening. I was disappointed with the sharpness of the picture after downloading even though I was using image stabilization. A couple of factors may be at play in the shot: I had to get used to what feels like a different shutter action and the light was poor. The low light level would have slowed the shutter speed requiring a steady hand for a longer period.

Interestingly, the width of an 8 is .5625 of the length versus .8424 of the 14. But, regardless of the camera, numbers and stats etc, it still comes down to the photographer. I'm anxious to see what results I get in brighter conditions. Stay tuned!

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