Friday, January 22, 2010

Check it out for yourself

OK, listen up

My last four posts were a cursory look at hypothermia. I had the feeling that my posts would provide useful information to some of us that paddled last Saturday. I personally take a rather lax attitude to it myself at times so it doesn't hurt every now and then to rethink attitudes to such a serious subject.

I gleamed as much pertinent information from various websites as I could without bogging my posts down. There's much more information out there that I urge anyone who paddles in the cold to do their own research or take a class if possible.

There are lots of safety articles in Sea Kayaker magazine, some of which ended up in a compilation book called "Deep Trouble". Some are available on-line. A lot of the incidents were caused by paddlers kayaking in conditions outside their capabilities and failing to dress for immersion. There's a lot to learn from the mistakes of others.

My friend Stan is very safety conscious, learn from the good habits of such people.

As is said frequently in the community ... "Paddle safe". 'nough said!

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