Thursday, May 26, 2016

If you can't stand the heat ... get out of your kayak

This past weekend (May 21 - 23) was a long holiday weekend.  Most paddle buddies were out of town.  I considered a solo paddle but I decided I needed some time away from the kayak.  That was a good idea as Wednesday evening practice arrived I felt refreshed and anxious to get on the water.

The temperature when we arrived was 22C and 28C with the humidex.  It was warm but the water was cold making the choice of wear under the drysuit difficult.  I dressed for immersion so when I got overheated I just jumped into the water.

The first thing we did was some rescue practice.  Brian and Neville starting the heel hook assisted rescue ...

... and getting ready to roll in and ...

... in.

Shane and I did a T-rescue and a few rolls while Terry demonstrated a new ...

... paddle technique riding his overturned kayak.

It was a bit after 6:00 when we decided to go for a short evening paddle to Portugal Cove.  At the G-spot, where Gerard had a swim a few years go, I pretended to go over giving Dave a chance to rescue me.  I hung on to his bow while he set about ...

... about emptying my kayak for my reoccupation.

At Sailing Point it got a little crowded as 11 of us lined up to get through.

Here, Andrew, Brian and I had a go at using our throw ropes.  For my part, I learned I need to practice that skill for a time when its really needed.

It was hot and humid all evening and at one point the humidity reached 100% as the rain began to pour out of the sky.

Terry and I paddled through this narrow opening and emerged at ...

... Portugal Cove with the rest of the group with fog and low lying clouds draped over the hills.

We hung around a bit in the cove before returning to St. Philips after a super evening of practice and a paddle.  I didn't see one frown when we landed at the slipway.  Eleven people were out with three attending for the first time.

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