Sunday, May 8, 2016

Here comes the sun, little darling!

After the last several weeks paddling further afield we stuck closer to home as an earlier off the water time was needed.  Five of us were at the slipway in St. Philips at the appointed 9:00 but we were expecting a sixth, Cathy.  Ten minutes later, just making the grace period, Cathy drove in.  She rushed to get ready.  I tried to calm her down by suggesting we weren't in a hurry.  Kayaking is supposed to be relaxing not stress inducing.

We were on our way to Brocks Pond Falls, 10 kms up the coast.

Soon Brian, Cathy, Clyde, Gary, Sue and I were on our way in foggy conditions.  The forecast was foggy in the morning, clearing later in the day.

It was foggy but not like pea soup.  Across the water Bell Island was not visible but it announced its presence by fog horn.

It was an hour past high tide which meant little passages were accessible.

Brian followed me through this very tight cleft in the rocks.  The high water and calm sea made conditions right for my first time through this spot.

The fog persisted as we approached Portugal Cove but ...

... it began to lift as we crossed the ferry route out of Portugal Cove and ...

... the sun began to gain the upper hand once we had crossed.

Finally, it burned through the fog and the promised sunshine arrived.

The soothing sound of water trickled own the tall cliffs and into the crystal clear sea.

Sue and Cathy float by suspended over the sea bottom illuminated by sunbeams.

An eagle looked down on us from its lofty perch.  Usually they take to wing trying to draw us away but this one didn't move.

Ten kms after leaving St. Philips we were at the falls.  The GPS showed a moving average of 4.7 kms/ hr giving evidence to our desire to take it easy on this day.

The falls were in their full glory falling 100 meters from the precipice fueled by recent rains.

There are no beaches to take out along this coast so we hauled out on the rocks.  The falling tide exposed seaweed covered rocks making it a little kinder on the fibreglass but made getting a secure footing difficult.

Brian, Clyde, Sue and myself lunched on the lower rocks while Cathy and Gary clambered up the rocks to gain a comfortable perch above us.  Out in the water a crab fishing boat steamed out the bay.  We could see the land around Harbour Grace 25 kms across the water.  The sun was warm enough to make the wet rocks steam.  It was a wonderful setting to have lunch.  We were content.

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