Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Baboul Rocks rock

Baboul Rocks are a bunch of sea stacks between Bay Bulls and Witless Bay.  They are exposed to the open ocean and often are not accessible due to large swell.  Sunday we exited Bay Bulls harbour to paddle through the lot.

Cathy makes for an opening.

Finding little passages.

It wasn't that there was no swell, it was just very gentle washing over rocks near the surface.  Hazen waits for his turn to ride it over.

Brian among the rocks.

It seemed like Brian, Cathy and I spent more time exploring among the rocks than the others so we were last to continue around the headland and into Witless Bay.  On a day like we had Sunday I wanted to savour the area like letting good, dark chocolate melt in the mouth.

The rest of the gang waited for us around the corner and we carried on again as a group.


  1. That was sweet part of the day Tony... those passages were definately comparable to chocolate :) ... It was quite a treat :)

  2. No question about it Cathy, it was the sweetest part of the day. I could have spent more time there.

    Tony :-)