Monday, May 2, 2016

Bay Bulls - Prelude to the good stuff

Sunday we met in Bay Bulls, a 30 minute drive from my home.  It was something on the table the previous weekend but conditions were not favourable then.  Dean resurrected the plan, a paddle from Bay Bulls to Witless Bay, for this weekend.

The first part of the paddle as we made our way towards the south side of Bay Bulls is low lying land with not much to excite except the chance to get on the water again.  It was cool and it took some time to generate a bit of body heat.  The temperature hovered just above zero and an easterly wind blowing over the similarly cold water didn't help matters.

Further along towards the entrance to Bay Bulls the cliffs became more imposing.  The sun, shining from that direction, tried to wash out the pictures I took.

Several years ago Gerard led us into this cave.  There's almost only room to get a kayak through the entrance so its not obvious.  I backed in several kayak lengths until it opens up into a more cavernous feature.  Looking out from the darkness, the contrast in light overpowers the camera.  Cathy is barely visible outside but she ...

... joined me.  This was the best picture I got.

Back outside Cathy paddles away as she and I catch up with the other guys who were ...

 ... checking out this cave.

A sizeable water fall attracted our attention and despite the cold we grabbed a quick run through the falls.

Just over an hour later we were at the entrance to Bay Bulls harbour and into the open.  The splendors of Baboul Rocks were just around the corner.


  1. Your adventures are great, keep posting. I had to leave the Island way back in the early 80's. I grew up next to the ocean and around 1974, I was given a 14 canoe. In the late 70's a buddy of mine and I paddled from Clarenville to Little Heart's Ease in that 14 foot canoe. It took us 3 days. When we arrived at my Uncle's house he asked how we arrived because he heard no car. I pointed to my canoe and he said "you two are touched." I have a couple of pictures of that trip and in comparison to today's equipment, my Uncle Roy was right, we were touched.

  2. oh man the Caves look AWESOME!

  3. Tons of good stuff Tony!A very memorable paddle! :)