Monday, May 9, 2016

A seal launch and a seal

We had hauled out on the rocks at Brocks Pond Falls as there are no beach take-outs.  I climbed up to where Cathy and Gary were lunching to look down on our precarious dining location.

After lunch it was time to return.  Clyde readies his Nordkapp LV to climb in and hopefully before it slides into the water.

Brian straddles the cockpit seal launching the kayak backwards.

Everyone got on the water safely and without getting dumped into the sea.  Looking down the coast.

We paddled close to the shore and happened on this small seal getting a sun tan.  It didn't seem to mind us as we were able to get ...

... very close.  I believe it was very young and unafraid or very relaxed and lazy in the hot sun.  Rest assured we didn't cause it any stress or harm.

The tide was falling and some places we were able to paddle through on the outward leg were impassible on the return but ....

... not all.  It was a tight fit between a rock and a hard place but Clyde and I got through.

At the G-Spot (coined as such by myself a few years ago when Gerard had a spill and swim) we were almost back a St. Philips.

Brian, Sue and Cathy left.  Clyde Gary and I stopped at the nearby restaurant for coffee or tea sitting outside on the deck overlooking the cove and enjoying the warm weather.  A day that started in fog turned into a beautiful sunny day that, hopefully, signals a trend towards better weather.


  1. Love the title of this one and the last post!:)
    Wish I could have stayed for tea, but staying longer for lunch perched on the cliff like seagulls was the trade off :) Thanks for the great day and pix Tony! :)

  2. We seal launched but the seal stayed put. Maybe a better title would have been "A seal launch and a seal's failure to launch"? Can't argue with you on the excellent day part!

    Tony :-)