Sunday, June 28, 2015

12/104 = short change.

Today we had a club paddle that was going to take place in Conception Harbour and environs.  Details were not firm but I surmised it would be a paddle in the order of 12 kms.  The drive out and back would be a tad over 100 kms.  I decided to sweeten the pot by leaving early and depart from Avondale to meet the gang at Conception Harbour thereby making the drive out worthwhile for me (personal choice).

I left the river where I put in and entered Masons Cove.  It was hard to tell which was was up and which was down.  Only the kayak supplied the hint.

As I made my way towards Ballyhack Point I was passing the rocks of the Harbour Main Group made up of volcanic, pyroclastic and intrusive rocks interbedded with red subgreywacke, conglomerate an siltstone.

The rocks were red on shore but under water it looked like the salt water had sucked the hemoglobin out of them leaving them looking anemic.

I timed my arrival in Conception Harbour perfectly as the other 21 paddlers were getting themselves on the water.  The first stop was the scuttled wrecks in the harbour.

This is where I live and I invited a few of my friends *lol*, I wish!  These shacks are in Middle Arm.

Approaching Ballyhack Point, again.  It seemed the plan was to more of less force me to backtrack the route I had taken to Conception Harbour.  I didn't mind as I kept an eye on the distance recorded on the GPS.

My first thought was Sue squared, that is Sue X Sue.

We all stopped for lunch in Ezekiels Cove for lunch.  At 22 it was quite an assortment of kayaks.

Gary enters this adit (geology speak for entrance to a mine).  It apparently goes in 150 meters but just inside the entrance we came to ...

... a sign pasted on the wallrock stating we were not to proceed further to prevent disruption to hibernting bats and to prevent the spread of White Nose Syndrome.  I'm assuming, with some ignorance, that is was what afflicted Batman, Bruce Wayne :)

Kayakers wait our emergence from the underworld.

The plan was for us to paddle up the east side of Gasters Bay and ...

... cross over at Marks Cove to the west side community of Kitchuses.  The trip leader was concerned about the forecasted increase in wind which would exceed level I padle conditions.

I crossed with the crowd but left them at Mugfords Head to cross directly back to Ballyhack Point, for the third time today, and return to the takeout in Avondale while they carried on the short distance to the slipway in Conception Harbour.  Choosing the Avondale launch site stretched a shortish paddle to almost 24 kms, a great deal of it at a relaxed pace.

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