Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Taking a leap into the deep end of the pool

I don't know why I accepted an invitation to do a bit of whitewater kayaking but I accepted and now I'm committed.  I'll be joining Brian, Dean, Gary, Pete and possibly Neville at the Ruins in Glovertown on Saturday for my initiation.

I'm borrowing a Piranha Micro240 creek boat and a WW skirt and paddle from Brian.

So, to do even the smallest preparation I spent some time Monday at Topsail Pond paddling around and checking the boat for rolling ease.  Today I went to Topsail Beach to do some ...

... "river running".  There's a lagoon behind the beach there that drains into the sea as the tide drops.  Its pretty tame as whitewater goes but it was basic enough for me.  After some more paddling about and rolls I descended the turbulent *lol* channel to the salt water.

At the discharge end the water tumbled over rocks.  There wasn't as much current as I had hoped yet it was fun enough entering the flow for the short ride into the sea.  Then a few ferries back and forth across the current and I was done.

On short notice I've done what I can.  Despite that, Saturday will feel like a leap into the deep end of the pool, a leap of faith.  I probably will be the entertainment.

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