Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The crown jewel of the Southern Shore - Part II

In Part I we covered the route to Lance Cove which is the site of the annual Fathers' Day club paddle lunch and turnaround.  We decided to paddle on to Church Cove and Cathedral Cave before stopping for lunch.  Between Lance Cove and Church Cove the scenery changed with more rocks offshore.

Another fine beach at Church Cove.

Paddling up the shore some more the cove opened up to the open ocean and a bit of swell poured through some rocks which, of course, we had to get through.  Clyde went first in calm water, Dean went next with a little bit of action.  My turn and things went south.  I waited for the wave set to clear before committing.  I should have waited a bit longer because as soon as I got behind the rock there were two more to come.  I rode over the first, dropped as the water sucked out followed by another large wave that pushed me against the cliff.  With no room to put my paddle I stuck my hand out to ride the back of the wave out.  Thanks Dean for the photo.

Just past Church Cove we entered Cathedral Cave.  Its the biggest in Cape Broyle.  I've never measured it but it must be at least 100 feet deep.  The last time it was here there was light shining into the cave at the bottom end where it was open though not passable.  Since then a rock slide has blocked off most of the light so it was completely dark.

Done with caving we went to Church Cove for lunch.  Clyde found a ball he called "Wilson" and kicked it around some with Dean.  While that was happening I tied a large bouy to my rear deck which ...

... Dean took a picture of after we got back on the water.  I thought it would make an interesting attraction in my flower garden.  It made the paddle back rather interesting as it affected the center of gravity.

At Lance Cove I captured the guys after they passed by the stack in the cove.

Clyde paddling on greenish waters with a waterfall tumbling over the cliffs.

On the way back we came through the same tunnel we passed through on or outward paddle.  This time there was a bit more water as the tide had risen carrying Dean safely through the entrance.

The day started in fog an it stayed foggy most of the day.  Near the end of our paddle the sun came out.  It didn't diminish the pleasure of the day.

The bouy also made it safely back and provided for a few good laughs and chuckles.

Cape Broyle is, what, some 75 kms from the city but its well worth the drive out.  There are waterfalls, caves, a tunnel and expansive sandy beaches.  We should go there more often and I will return for this year's Fathers' Day club paddle.

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