Thursday, July 2, 2015

Getting all wet

July 1 and the salt water is starting to warm up to almost comfortable levels.  Our Wednesday evening practice started with some of us jumping out of our kayaks and into the brine.  Terry was doing back deck scramble on self rescues among other things.

Brian was doing wet re-entries and rolls.

I did a few rolls an felt water in my drysuit.  Sure enough my relief zipper wasn't zipped closed.  Good thing I didn't decide to jump in before.

Techniques for righting the upturned kayak and draining the water were also rehearsed.

Then came something I haven't seen in a while ... a paddle float.  Julie did a heel-hook self rescue and then hauled out the paddle float to give that rescue a refresher.

After we had enough of getting ourselves wet the seven of us went for a short leisurely paddle on a calm sunny evening.  A great way to spend a couple of hours!

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